Fujoshi rage !!! *~*

All males restricted !!!

Hiii~ ^^ Sorry, I’ve been absent for a very long time ^^” though I don’t think that anyone was waiting for me 😀 But anyways… I was in no mood for writing for the last week or so.. + I’ve been sick and recovered only yesterday ))) I haven’t watched that much of anime, but I read a lot of yaoi manga. I know, I’m a very spoiled and perverted girl But I can’t do anything about it! Those adorable bishies are just calling out to me !! ><;  So I decided to review some series that grabbed my attention !!!! ^^ I hope, that you will like it, and PLEASE leave me a comment and tell me, which are your favorite yaoi manga comics, nee? ^^ And don’t think bad about me after this post XD

So, the first one is

Sensitive pornograph

Okay, this is one of the best things I’ve read!! O.O So sweet ❤ Though this focuses mainly on hentai, every story is more or less composed… I also like the fact, that the whole volume consists from six one-shots. I’m not against long stories, but I, personally, find that a shorter story is more likely to be pleasant to read. And stories in Sensitive Pornograph are sweet too :3 The art is pretty decent too. Nice character designs, all of them look insanely cute. The downside I see in this (or maybe it’s not a downside at all 😀 Judge yourself) is that all of the intimacy scenes are portrayed in details, from beginning to the end. So, if you’re not into the type of yaoi, which exceeds erotica you may not like this. AAAW!! ><; now I feel like a pervert !!! I know, I’m a yaoi fangirl, but this is one of the most… perverted yaoi in my list so far. Though I don’t actually read very much hardcore yaoi. I mainly stick with Shounen-ai with some nice erotica to add in some spice ^,^ Here are two main heroes from chapter 3 : (I’m showing these two, because their design is just TOO ADORABLE <3)

Moving on to the next one :

A reason for earlobes/Mimitabu no Riyuu

So, as I found out just now, this isn’t any oneshot. It’s a whole volume with 6 stories in it, so I’m definitely going to read them later ))) But this certain one I know oh-so-well ! It’s one of my favorite yaoi manga of all times. Again, this has the H scenes portrayed pretty…………. In detail. But at least not in a way it could be obnoxious, rude or vulgar. + there is some nice humor in here, because it cracked me up so much XD I’ll be a bit of a spoiler and will show you this :

That moment cracked me up big time )))) The art is a bit stiff sometimes, but it’s bearable ))) Though the expressions in this manga are just priceless !!!! Especially Ishikawa. He is priceless himself, as a character XD In the end, this isn’t just a nice yaoi manga, it’s also capable of making the reader laugh.


Next one:

The Weatherman is my Lover

Now this is a nice shounen-ai manga, funny, romantic, light and not too emotional. The hentai scene is pretty far away, btw :3 The art is really cute and pretty. It looks pretty natural, because almost always, everything is drawn nicely, be it characters or backgrounds. The story is really cute too. Though what grabbed my attention at first, was the catchy name “The weatherman is my lover”. I love this manga, because it’s really light and fluffy. You can read this and enjoy it without having to  feel nervous or anything like that. It has a couple of  ‘serious’ moments, but still, nothing too heavy. It’s ongoing, 14 chapters (almost 2 volumes) out so far. And let me tell you, this manga is worth reading !!!! ^O^

Next in my little list of pervert-ness is

1.5 Darling

While this isn’t all that special, it’s still worth reading. Wait, what am I talking about?.. You just HAVE to check it out, if you’re not afraid of bold yaoi XD God, this is so perverted, but still, so sweet!!  The art is a bit specific, may seem too packed but you get used to it after a coupe of pages. And if you ask me, I prefer this kind of graphically packed manga, rather than half-empty pages that seem ……. empty. The other thing I like about this oneshot is that it’s really positive. And there are twin butlers, which is SO nosebleed-worthy! 😀 You’d better check it out~ ^^

And the last gem in my perverted collection is :

cafe latte rhapsody

This is officially my all-time #1 favorite manga! ! ! *,* I cannot stand the level of cuteness in this! So much squealing, fangirling, nosebleeding… But it was SO WORTH IT!!! First of all, the art is worthy of Touko Kawai. Simply beautiful! Starting from character designs, to chibi emotiocons and backgrounds – everything is adorably nice. The characters are composed perfectly, just as situations and their settings. This manga is incredibly kind, nice, bubbly and positive. The characters are insanely adorable, the art is simply eye-candy, the storyline is pretty realistic, no over-the-top, snotty or cliche scenes. Everything is in it’s golden middle. I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting, but personally, I adore this manga.  Go read it now ! O.O And btw, this isn’t a hentai, it’s Shounen-ai ^^ only the purest romance :3 got the tip???? XD

Okaaay….. I hope, nobody will hate me after this XD But my Fujoshi beast is acting up lately ))) I hope, that you will forgive me! ^^

Anyways…. I will do similar manga and anime reviews – genre wise. So, if you have any requests, then feel free to comment and ask me ^^ I hope, that you liked my favorites and please, leave me a piece of your opinion and share your favorites with me, ne?? ^^

Sore ja, mata nee~!

2 thoughts on “Fujoshi rage !!! *~*

  1. *o*
    Oh my god, I love you for this post!!

    I haven’t read most of these, but now I have to! I think my favorite yaoi manga ever is probably La Satanica…although there’s not much too it XD

    • *0* Really? Lucky~ ^O^

      I like La Satanica too, but not as much these. You should definitely check out Cafe Latte Rhapsody if you didn’t! O.O Go, check it out *~*

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