I’m back!! ^O^

Too quick, you say?… :3 You won’t get rid of me that easily >3


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY~~~~~~~~~ I repaired my computer today! In the end, I decided to actually spend some money, rather than leaving this to my father. I just know it, he would hold it for a couple of months. He did that twice before, and that was just…. almost as nervewrecking as Kimi ni Todoke O_O

But anyways, I’m back to busyness!! I know, because of the recent ‘events’ occurring in Japan lately, anime industry will get affected as well, but I will publish the old list of Spring 2011 releases and update it when need to.

This is pretty much it for everything I can say at the moment. One more thing – I will probably review ‘Nichijou 0’ pretty soon, because it’s already out. And also, I will review Hen Zemi OVA if I will watch it anytime soon.

Jaa ne~ ^^

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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