Let’s stay strong together !

Forgive me for the lame cheezy phrase up there, but I can’t help but say it !! ^^” I’m not going to rewrite what happened, because basically, the whole world knows what a disaster had hit Japan.

As indifferent as I am towards everything patriotic, I feel for this country and all the people there.Besides, there are some seiyuu and other people involved in anime missing. Okamoto Nobuhiko’s disappearance hit me the hardest, actually. All the other seiyuu, directors, mangakas that I know are confirmed to be okay. Shikari !! Minna wa soba ni iru kara ^O^

Let’s just hope and believe, that everything will be a-OK, nee? ^^ Offer our wishes and as much help as we can. Hang in there, people!

Also, the information on the seiyuus/mangakas/directors confirmed or not confirmed to be okay can be found here, here and here.

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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