Hiiiiii~ 12:57AM here, and my precious Saturday is over. TT^TT Darn it, I don’t want to go to school on Monday ><” I never thought, that I could actually hate something, until last year. But let’s leave this topic for now, nee ^^”

OMG, I finished watching Soul Eater today! *0* I enjoyed it SO MUCH! *~*

Actually, I started watching it a long time ago, but when I saw the announcement about Soul Eater being dubbed by FUNimation, I decided to wait a bit and watch it in English. However, in the first 6-7 episodes I remained a bit apathetic. I thought, that the plot is a typical shounen, but as I watched on, a deeper plot came into my view and I was no longer able to resist watching episode after episode :3 No, srsly. It sucks you in like nobody’s busyness. Good thing I re-discovered it on winter holidays XD

What caught my eyes the very first time was the 2nd opening. I even remember, how I discovered it!!Here’s the story:

I’m a fan of a certain AMV maker on Youtube – Raixaz. So, I discovered her AMV dedicated to Naruto and Sasuke. Here it is:

I liked the song so much, that I was like “I have to get it!”, so when I searched for it on Youtube, I found the 2nd opening of Soul Eater(DUH). I liked the art very much, and also the Gothic feel of it caught me and that’s how I discovered this anime. But I have to mention, that I discover all my main anime(the ones that I’m loving the most) by accident. No, really, that happens a lot to me. Same was with Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight, 11eyes(this one isn’t so good, but I liked it), even Fullmetal Alchemist!!

So, the first thing I LOVE about this anime, is how it has the dark, Gothic feel, while being so colorful. If that was the purpose of the staff, then they just nailed this one(please, forgive my foul mouth ^^) . The characters were all unique, and didn’t make me feel like I’ve seen something similar. Same for their personalities, actually. You would probably say that Blackstar is just a recycled Naruto, but I don’t think so. They have some points in common, but in the end, Blackstar is much more dangerous, dark and negative, than the blond goof Naruto. Besides him, there’s Spirit, who’s just like Tamaki, from Ouran. Heck, they’re even dubbed by the same VA!(Vic, my love~!) But still, as similar as they are, Spirit feels a lot more different, than Tamaki. But have you seen a character, at least a little bit resembling Kid?! Or Maka? O.O I bet, you didn’t.

The plot was pretty good. Though, as I said, the first 6-7 episodes are a bit misleading. You would think that the whole anime would be revolving around Maka and Soul collecting souls to make Soul a death scythe. XD But the plot developed in a very interesting way. And the seemingly standard shounen evolves into something interesting. The huge plus is that the show didn’t have fillers. Well, there were a couple of episodes, where you get a rest from the heavy storyline and enjoy watching how the main heroes goof off. And then there were EXCALIBUR FILLERS. Man, the 32nd episode literally killed my brain. (as far as I remember, that was the 32nd episode. God, would I forget such a thing??)

The animation was top notch, as expected from Bones. The fighting scenes were composed perfectly and actually showed some good fighting. Not like the same sword-swinging, or one and the same technique over and over. There were different moves, actually existent strategies… Also, the angles sometimes stunned me speechless. I loved, how they popped in the scene in such an interesting angle, that even the fight in the last episode made me laugh at some point)If you seen that, then you know, what I mean :3)

Music was also really good. Pretty specific, with partially oriental feel and a techno mix to the most of the tracks. Not a lot of them were amazing, but they definitely fit the show perfectly. Especially, I liked the 2nd opening “PAPERMOON” and the last ending theme “Strength”.

Overall, I still have to find something that’s at least slightly like this show )))) This is still a shounen, however, throughout the whole series the quality didn’t drop one bit, be it the development or the animation. The setting and the feel of this anime are what make it so unique and enjoyable. Also, expressions of the characters sometimes cracked me up really bad !! XD Like when Blair was cookingburning fish and threw one in Soul’s face, that was SO HILARIOUS! Or when Blair walked into the room when everybody was chilling and ……….

Or when Blackstar rushed into Soul’s chamber and started shaking him, to wake him up !!

Or Kid’s asymmetrical seizure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (rofl)

Aaaaah………. the good ol’ days~

Well, I’m taking my leave now, because I’m very very very

VERY sleepy ^^

Here’s some more Soul Eater fun for you! ^^ Oh, and also, I’ll be reviewing Soul Eater OST albums pretty soon, so look forward to it ^^

Ja nee~ ^^

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