[SPRING 2011] OVA, OAD and specials.

It’s that time of the year again, huh?…..

O_O I’m just dumbfounded at this list. No, srsly….. LOOK AT HOW BIG IT IS! That’s both good and bad. I think, my head is going to explode…… I’m not sure, I can remember all these anime ^^”

That’s why I will break the spring season anime review in 2 parts. First one will cover OVAs, OADs and specials, and the other one will cover TV series and movies.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump into the busyness ^^ believe me, there will be plenty.

xxxHOLiC Rou

xxxHOLiC Rou takes place 10 years after xxxHOLiC Shunmuki


Genre -_- Mystery; Supernatural


Currently airing, 1st episode released on April 23, 2010. The 2nd and last episode will come out on March 9, 2011.


Well…. I won’t be able to watch this, because my progress on the 1st season is very poor. However, I will definitely watch this, when the time comes ! ^^ I watched only 3 episodes, but I already love it. Oh, Kimihiro is so cuuuuuute~ Just LOOK AT HIM in that kimono! *0* I think, I’m gonna have a nosebleed ….

Koe de Oshigoto!

Aoyagi Kanna was asked to become an eroge VA. Though she’s 16 and still a virgin(sorry, if I seem too straightforward ^^”) so she encounters some certain problems. Try and guess, what happens next 😉


Genre -_- Comedy; Ecchi


1st episode came out on November 17, 2010 and the 2nd one is expected to come out on March 16th.


I, actually, didn’t watch the 1st episode, and I don’t think I will. I just find the story itself quite catchy, because it’s really straightforward. No cheap tips, questionable situations, they just show everything how it is. Maybe I will end up watching this….. If I will, I hope it will at least make me laugh … ==”

Asobi ni iku yo!

The OVA will feature a game(both Catia and earthlings competing) and some other interesting… material :3


Genre -_- Sci-Fi ; Comedy ; Romance ; Ecchi


The 1st and the last OVA comes out in March, 2011


I just may watch the OVA, but the anime is out of question ^^ I started to respect this anime a bit after hearing Kokoro no Madobe Nite by Kana Hanazawa. That is all.

Hen Zemi

A normal university student, Matsutaka Nanako enrolled in an abnormal physiology seminar. After that, she is trying to retain her psychological balance, but her abnormal classmates influence her more and more.


Genre -_- Ecchi ; Comedy ; Seinen


The 1st OVA episode came out on July 23 2010, and the second one is expected on March 23, 2011.


I discovered the OP-ED single of this OVA, through Sassy’s‘Music spotlight’ post for Kana Hanazawa. And I must say, I LOVE that song. It’ just too addicting. Hen Rin Sham ~Hen da yo Rinse no Ato ni Shampoo te~ . Just listen to this and then oppose me. And I also plan to watch the OVA, too. Even though it’s ecchi, and I don’t like ecchi. ^^

Baka to Test Shoukanjuu : Matsuri

OVA episode, that was announced before the 2nd season of TV series. (MAL)


Genre -_- Comedy ; School


1st episode aired on February 23, 2010. 2nd and last episode is expected on March 23, 2011.


Ahem …….. no comments ^^

Shukufu no Campanella

Announced in the live program on Niconico douga. The story will be unrelated to the TV series. Fanservice promised. (MAL)


Genre -_- Fantasy ; Ecchi


March 23, 2011


The art actually looks pretty cute. Meh.. I won’t say anything else though. For now.

Morita-san wa Mukuchi

The main heroine, Morita Mayu, has a problem with socializing. Whenever somebody speaks to her, she is always overthinking, what should she say, so she misses the moment of a reply. That, combined with her habit of looking straight into the person’s eyes causes a lot of misunderstandings around her. But that doesn’t seem to trouble her normal, school life too much.


Genre -_- Slice of life ; Comedy


1st episode came out on February 23, 2011. The release date for episode 2 is unknown,


Hmm…… I think, I’ll watch this. Heck, I’m willing to read the manga as well, because it grabbed my attention. The art isn’t actually my style, but the story seems nice and cute. Plus, I’m at a catastrophic lack of a slice-of-life anime, so I’ll give this a try, I guess … ^^

Nana to Kaoru

Main hero, Kaoru, is 17 years old and also, he has an S&M fetish. Guess what?? He is a virgin. And has a crush on his childhood friend Nana, who happens to be fairly popular amongst the male half of her school. But one day, Nana happens to get her hands on Kaoru’s treasures, and accidentally locks herself in a certain, leather one-piece she saw. After Kaoru frees her of the one-piece, Nana realizes, that she may like her childhood friend’s hobby, and everything starts rolling.


Genre -_- Ecchi ; Comedy ; Romance


The first episode is expected on March 29, 2011.


My perverted side is taking control again!!! No, I don’t have an S&M fetish, but I’m gonna take a look at this. I just hope, that this OVA will provide me with some good comedy(the storyline definitely has such a potential), rather than just… porn, I guess. Though, I’m gonna do a research on it later, and I hope, it’s not a full-fledged hentai. Meh ….. T_T

Yozakura Quartet: Hoshi no Umi

Retelling of the first series which will faithfully reproduce the original story of the manga. (MAL)


Genre -_- Action ; Shounen ; Comedy ; Supernatural


First episode came out on October 8, 2010. The 2nd one is expected on April 8, 2011.


I still need to watch the anime. I still need to do it. TT^TT

Fairy tail OVA

2 special OVAs. Youkoso Fairy Hills will basically be a treasure hunt episode. Yousei Gakuen: Yankee-kun to Yankee-chan is the adaptation for the special manga chapter, in which, the main heroes are put in a school, also, a parody for “Yankee-kun to Megane-chan”.


Genre -_- Shounen ; Action ; Comedy ; Fantasy


The 1st episode is expected on April 15, 2011. The 2nd and the last episode will be out on June 17, 2011.


My best friend is still trying to make me watch Fairy Tail. HOWEVER. She keeps failing again and again. I just don’t like animes like this, idk. Maybe, I’ll regret saying this, but still ^^”

Amagami SS Special

Bluray vol. 13 of Amagami SS includes a special episode featuring Tachibana Miya as the main heroine. (MAL)


Genre -_- Romance ; School


Expected on April 11, 2011.


I’m actually becoming interested. ^^ didn’t watch the anime though :3

Highschool of the Dead OVA

The OVA covers the 7th volume of manga, called “Drifters of the Dead”.


Genre -_- Ecchi ; Action ; Horror


The episode is expected to air on April 26, 2011.


Can’t wait to see this !! :3 I dislike ecchi, but this show turned out so epic ! XD Even the gravity-laws-breaking boobs XD

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Special

A special episode, included in the Blu-ray and DVD.


Genre -_- Comedy ; Romance ; Shoujo


Expected on April 27, 2011.


The anime turned out to be a let-down, but I’m still watching this. Misaki+Usui is one of the greatest couples I’ve seen XD


Well….. I guess, this is it for the OVA list. I haven’t mentioned all of the OVAs and specials, because there are a lot of them. Idk, is it like this every year? Because it’s the first time I actually did a research myself. Normally, I would stick to Metanorn and wait for an update there, but this time, I just couldn’t resist :3 Sorry, Kyokai, I feel like I’ve betrayed you! 😦

If there was a certain OVA, or a special you are interested in and didn’t find here, I’ll accept requests, and will help you ^^ Though I’m most certain, that this is not likely to happen, but still.

Next, I will publish Spring 2011 TV series and movies, so look forward to it! ^^ It may take a couple of days, so be patient ^^

Jaa ne~

6 thoughts on “[SPRING 2011] OVA, OAD and specials.

  1. Koe De Oshigoto’s first episode was surprisingly really funny- it’s worth checking out if you don’t mind really perverted humor. XD
    I wouldn’t bother with Campanella though because the show was just awful.
    I’m really looking forward to more Maid-sama!!

    • Usui-sama! Megane ni *,_,*
      I’ll check out Koe de oshigoyo, then. When I’m alone at home, that is. To avoid misunderstandings ^^”

  2. SourLime says:

    D: why dont you like fairy tail? tis awesome and funny at least watch the first episode. I keep up with the manga as well and im still into it even after 231 chapters. i haven’t been able to find a site or anything that has the OVAs tho. but the main show isn’t as perverted as the Welcome To Fairy Hills OVA that’s just fan service.
    You dont have to keep up with it just give it a chance 😀

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