Good bye, Bleach..?

Sorry for not publishing actual reviews for such a long time, but I had a VERY bad week and I wasn’t in a mood to write. And if I said very bad, I mean absolutely terrible. Just don’t ask, why ^^”

But right now I’m more or less capable of writing down my thoughts. And +, I watched 310th episode of Bleach just now and….. Well, you know, what 😉

As far as I know, the manga continues going on after the defeat of Aizen, with Ichigo trying to regain his spiritual pressure and stuff, but I’m not sure, if anime will. Anyway, this didn’t feel like a last episode, leaving aside the fact, that it actually had a preview and a shinigami color book(I guess, that’s what it’s called ^^”) Maybe they will go on, before Ichigo entirely loses his reiatsu and THEN it will end, but I get the feeling, that it won’t. I mean, Aizen is still alive, so it’s not absolutely over. Oh man, it would be terrible, really! To make an anime, or even a manga go on to just rip off some more money. I’m not even mentioning the fact that Bleach actually celebrated it’s 10th birthday in 2010. Oh, sorry, I did ^^”

As for their fight.. it was supposed to be epic, right?.. I mean, Ichigo stopped Aizen’s sword with the bear hand, a single swing of the sword cut down a  whole mountain, and then Ichigo appears in that badass form with long, black hair, half-closed face and stuff(I actually liked the design of the final Getsuga Tensho x3) but I wasn’t impressed at all. Or am I just too used to epic battles, so I didn’t get any chills while watching their fight? ….. ==”

Ichigo…. will you marry me???? *puppyeyes*

But man… what I really feel sorry for is Gin’s death. I always had the feeling, that he’s up to something on his own. I still disliked him, but now… TT^TT I fell for him when he apologized to Rangiku. that “Gomenna..” was the greatest apology I have ever heard. TT_TT Well, they had to kill off somebody from the shinigami side, right? Darn in, I thought that captain-commander was dead, but when he appeared (scolding my precious Kyoraku-san and Byakushi too TT^TT) I was like “WTF..? Weren’t you dead, jii-san??” At least, he lost his arm, or it would be too miraculous.

Well, maybe not physically, but spiritually, everybody was affected in their own way. Rangiku finally figured out, that Gin wanted her to finally move on without him, Toshiro started intense training sessions to become stronger. I figure, that what he did to Hinamori really crashed down on him. He didn’t intend to do anything like that, but the fact is, that his sword pierced through her chest.

Darn it. There aren’t any normal people out there… is someone thinking that adding annoying music in the most crucial moment is cool??? Come on!! ><“

That moment was actually worth a lot. Not like a plain accident where he didn’t have the time to redirect his sword or something like that….


Well….. I guess this is it for everything I wanted to say… But you know, what??? If Bleach continues, I won’t drop it! xD After watching a new episode every Tuesday for more than a year, this became like a habit. Also, I can bear Bleach lameness anyway, so Imma not dropping, no way, no how. 😛

Ja ne~

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