Top10 anime pairings ^3^

Haaaaaaaai~! ♥ This pesky rabu-rabu mood won’t go away, so I decided to put together My favorite couples post just now ^^ Another inspiration were similar posts on a couple of blogs, that I follow. These are: Metanorn’s Best couple of 2010 and Sekijitsu’s Mint’s top 7 OTPs. What good would I be if I didn’t show off my favorite animu couples in this rabu-rabu kuuki??… :3 Nyaaaan~ So, without any further bla-bla, I’m getting into business ^3^

# 10 – Ahiru+Mytho [Princess Tutu]

I loved this anime too much!! And was fairly disappointed in the end, because these 2 didn’t end up together =3= though Fakir suited her much more and Fakir+Ahiru pairing is almost as great as Ahiru+Mytho, but I like how Mytho and Tutu suit each other. ❤ Such a beautiful couple~!! Especially when They dance, it looks amazingly beautiful!!!


#9 – Tamaki+Haruhi [Ouran High School Host Club]

Well, what can I say??? )) I think, it’s pretty obvious, why I love this couple. :3 They’re funny, cute and just amazing together!*though they’re not actually a couple =3=*



#8 – Yuki+Shuichi [Gravitation]

Yes, they’re both boys! Yes, it’s a shounen-ai anime. And yes – I love this couple!! ❤ It’s the first shounen-ai I’ve ever watched and after watching it, I got obsessed with the very genre. Not that I’ve seen a lot of shounen-ai, but I genuinely enjoy watching this type of anime. But about the pairing, I’ll say that it’s one of the most perfect pairings I have ever seen. They’re absolutely different. Cool, calm, collected & a little mean Yuki, and impulsive, somewhat dumb goof Shuichi.Yet, they get more and more attached to each other, every time they overcome a crisis and get pulled together almost according to the law of Gravitation. That was a perfect name for this anime, wasn’t it?? :3

*Fangirling-heartattack alert!!*


#7 Maka+Soul [SoulEater]

I LOVE THIS PAIRING, AND ANIMU TOO~ >3< I STILL have those damn 3 episodes left, but oh well…. They don’t concentrate too much on romance in this anime, but the relationship, or the hidden feelings if you may, are pretty obvious. Those 2 suit each other perfectly, complete each other entirely, and are just one hell of a duet. And can do some serious ass-kicking too ❤ Skiiiiii~


#6 Naruto+Hinata [That’s pretty obvious, but still… ^^”]

I dropped Shippuuden on 135th episode, because it was a bit too much for me to handle at the time, but this pairing remains one of my all-time favorites. I mean, come on! They make such a beautiful couple! ^O^

*SPOILER OF SPOILERS ALERT!!!* even I didn’t watch this ==”


#5 – Howl+Sophie [Howl’s moving castle]

KYAAAAAAA!!!!!!! *0* I love them so much!!!! HMC is one of my all-time favorites, which I can re-watch over and over, and the couple is just……… PERFECT!!! ❤ Isn’t this an absolutely perfect love story???


#4 – Otani+Koizumi [Lovely Complex]

This. Is. The. Greatest. Couple. EVER!!! Putting the anime’s awesomeness aside, these two are the purest WIN !!! ♥ Nothing else to be said here, just go, and watch this anime now! No seriously. Watch it O.O

Saaaate-to! Onto the top-three~! :3

#3 – Ichigo+Orihime [Bleach]

Boy, I just LOVE this couple!!! They suit each other perfectly, but unfortunately it’s not gonna happen in anime nor in manga, so =3= But still….. my love for this pairing won’t ever die! (I’m also pretty much against IchiRuki, because those two don’t suit each other that way)

#2 – Sawako+Kazehaya [Kimi ni Todoke]

The couple which makes me restless all the time xD Darn, these 2 are the most slow people ever, but the feeling of innocence in their relationship is just DAAAAAAWWWW!! Why won’t they just hurry up and clear that stupid(yet another one) misunderstanding!! ><“””

And the first place goes to:

Edward+Winry [FullMetal Alchemist & FMA:brotherhood]

TADAAA~!! ^___^ My most favorite couple from my absolute favorite anime!!! The romance between these 2 didn’t get any attention or much of a development, but everything’s so obvious that it’s almost painful. Those two suit each other like no other couple I have ever seen in anime. And that’s all, I will say … 😛

And that’s about it for this post! ^^

I know, I was really late with this, but still ^^” I would be happy to know your top10 couples as well ^^

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