UPDATE + a lot of love for Vic-sama <3

Hey there~! ^^

Sorry for being absent for such a long time !! This was a crazy week for me, really. My cat ate something bad and got poisoned very badly … T_T But he’s getting better now, so I’m relieved! ^^ (Also, no more running around vets/drugstores/mom’s job because of that xD)But another troublesome event happened today … I’ve been chosen as the leader of the club, representing my school on the USAid project. You would probably think that it’s cool, but it’s NOT! All those people in the club seemingly don’t have a clue about the word “polite” or a culture of listening, because they talk together, quarrel, screaming and just too problematic to deal with. So… it’s quite a pinch. ==”

Aside from that, I haven’t watched a lot of ongoings this week ^^” I didn’t really have a lot of time, but I also watch Soul Eater and am captivated for the moment )) In fact, I have only 3 ep.s left! ^^ But then again… T___T I will miss SE .. Spirit, I will miss you!!!! Yeah, I have a soft spot for that type of characters. And another HUGE plus to him is that Vic Mignogna dubs him in English ❤ Oh GAWD, I can’t stop loving this VA!!! He’s my absolute perfection idol! I mean, he’s a really positive and fun person(at least, that’s what I can say from everything I saw/heard/read in the net ^^”), who does what he loves and does it perfectly. As a voice actor, he is absolutely amazing, because there’s no way you couldn’t recognize him, but he also plays totally different roles and sounds absolutely natural. I swear, I can’t say enough good things about this person! *0* I think, I’ll show you some stuff …

I never watched D.N. Angel, but when I stumbled upon this OP on YT, I fell in love with it. I think, I’ll watch this anime when I’m on summer vacation :3 Whaa?…. I won’t have time to watch a lot of anime until I’m in school! And + the early graduating exams area coming, so …. T__T But I want to watch it so badly ==”

I will call you King, Vic-sama.. *hypnotized* xD

LOL that was SO funny when I watched it for the first time !! Poor Vic, they always make him do such stupid things! But he’s still amazing. ❤


FMA is actually the first anime I watched, when I was conscious about what ‘anime’ is. And after watching FMA I became an anime lover. And must I say, nobody would be able to dub Edward as perfectly as Vic did.

Okay, this isn’t actually Vis, it’s Travis. (Vis is sitting there, so it count at least a little bit… I guess.) But nonetheless, I love Travis almost as much as Vic, because he’s also a brilliant VA, and when you would think that he’s not that charismatic to be a VA, just ask him, if he likes dogs 😉

And as for the desert, I’m leaving you with the song “Brothers” from FMA, performed by Vic. This song is originally sung in Russian, so I will give you free download links to the original OST, instrumental and English versions.

That’s it for now, guys!! ^^ I will write a review on Soul Eater this weekend, because(as I mentioned above) I have only 3 episodes left, and I have pretty much to say about this anime. So, until then!

Ja ne~!

FMA “Brothers” free download links:
Instrumental1 ; Instrumental2 ; Original ; English
Vic’s  official website : http://www.vicsworld.net/
Vic’s official fanclub : http://www.risemboolrangers.com/

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