Update + KnK impression and random rambling *,*

Domo~! ^___^

It’s Sunday night, so I figured that an update wouldn’t hurt. I won’t have much time this week, because of a project that my school’s club is trying to pull off, but I’ll talk about that a bit later ^^ The point is, that there won’t be much updates for upcoming 1 or 2 weeks, so ^^”

But anyways…… Yesterday night I finally watched Kara no Kyoukai!! *0* Kyokai was bugging everybody(who didn’t watch it) to watch it, so yesterday I decided to watch it(is something wrong?? *innocent eyes*). Actually, I was planning to watch this anime, when I would have some spare time, so I’m finally done with the 1st movie! 1 down, 6 to go! ^O^

But aside from all of this, I was stunned speechless. I’m a total sucker for this kind of shows, and Kara no Kyoukai proved itself as the greatest anime in the Mystery genre. Though I’ve seen only one movie so far, I’m already head over heals for this anime O_O

At the beginning, I thought that it was pretty boring. And to say, that the pace was specific, equals not saying anything. Now I’m sure, that not a lot of people will be able to keep up with this anime, because as wide-minded as my mother is, she didn’t like “Garden of sinners”, when I made her watch it today. It’s been a bit hard to keep up for me as well, because I’m still not that good in English and sometimes had to pause, to read the subtitles more carefully.

The animation was something amazing!!! Especially the fighting scene at the rooftop and the views!! *0* So beautiful, I can’t endure it!!! >< And I’m still getting over the intro music. It was something out of this world, I swear. I kept listening to it again and again and again……. and I don’t get tired of it. The idea with the butterfly trying to catch up with a dragonfly felt and looked so beautiful, that…. I don’t even know, how to describe it… it felt like regret and purity, like an endless race…..  that combination is so beautiful, that it’s almost painful, I swear! I may be overreacting, but it would be pretty natural for a person so sensitive and exposed to the outer factors, especially music, because the atmosphere of that music is so captivating!

Try to oppose me after experiencing this..! O.O

Though I still can’t entirely figure out, what happened, I don’t feel like an idiot XD

So, in the end… Kyokai, I swear, I won’t leave your advice just locked up in my “Plan to watch” list, so bug me all you want(if you want ^^)! Even though I don’t think, that you’re reading this…


That’s all about KnK, I guess….. I could write about it much more, but I think, keeping it short would be better 😉 Btw, yesterday I completed my first actual fanart!! O.O As I expected, it’s under the title: “P.S. Happy Valentine’s” and I used my Bleach 2011 ‘A’ calendar for it. So, here it is:

I know, the work is pretty rough, but it was my first time making a fanart like this, so I think, it’s pretty much forgivable But MAN…. these 3 are my most favorite characters in Bleach! I’m so lucky that they included them in this calendar! And may I say, I like the ‘A’ calendar more, than the ‘B’ one. Not only because the first one consists from hot bishies, no! ^^ No, I’m totally serious)) I just like the classy vibe that the pictures from ‘A’ album give. )))

That’s it for today, and I’ll try my best not to forget this blog and keep in touch with you(even though I still don’t have actual followers xD)

Ja ne!

Oh, and just to make sure that you know, which calendars I’m talking about, here are the download links:
Filespart; Filestube; 4shared(ver.B); MediaFire(ver.B)
Buy it here

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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