Update, + celebration of my first MAL ^^

Hiii~! ^^

First of all….. it’s 11:46PM, and I’m almost sleeping in my chair right now. No, I’m not a sleepyhead, I’m actually an owl. But, all this running around back and fourth, visiting hospital 2 days in a row and staying there for some time is pretty tiring, as I had luck to learn on my own. I’m not complaining, but it really is pretty tiring. So, there wasn’t much anime for me this week…. well, on Monday and Tuesday – yes, bet the past few days….. it wasn’t enough for me!!! ;A;

Just now, I completed my first wallpaper ever! O_O I’ll show you, guys! ^^

I got 2 Bleach 2011 calendars, and when I saw this certain picture, I made it my wallpaper instantly. Toshiro looks amazing here! ;A; The art is a total eyecandy, if you ask me. And also, he’s my most fav. character in Bleach, so :3 I think, I will release some of the Valentine’s day themed wallpapers, if I’ll have enough time…. Nyaaaaa~ Valentine’s day is in 10 days…. I think, I’m gonna get a nosebleed!!!! O_O Don’t ask, why…….

So! Today, I finally registered at MyAnimeList! ^__^ Idk why, but I’ve been unable to register there. I received a confirmation e-mail, followed the link, but when I tried to log in, it said, that the account isn’t activated yet. But today, I finally made it, and I’m pretty amazed, at how much anime I finished watching. I thought, there wouldn’t be a lot, but the list was actually bigger, than I expected. You can visit my anime list here.

So, this is it for the update, and I’ll be heading to my bead now, excuse me…. *yawn* I’ll just leave you some Toshiro goodness to enjoooooy~

Aaaaaaand a bit mOoooore~~~ ^____^ (+ a little Ikkaku :3)

Ja neee~!

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