Infinite Stratos OP single “Straight Jet”

Infinite Stratos opening single “Straight jet” by Kuribayashi Minami

1. Straight Jet
2. First Addition
3. Straight Jet ~instrumental
4. First Addition ~instrumental


I waited for this, alright!!! I’m not impressed by the anime so far(though the 4th episode got my hopes up, fortunately. Woot!) as well as the opening sequence, but I liked the song very much and was aching to made a fandub! I’m not sure if I’ll do it, or if I will, when will I do it. But I get the feeling, that I’ll record it in the end xD I mentioned before, that I just recently fixed my microphone and am psyched about it, so I don’t think, that I’ll be able to resist this song, and the fact, that it’s the type of music that my voice fits, doesn’t make this any easier LOL

As for the tracks, “Straight Jet” proved itself in my eyes! It’s (fortunately) not monotonous, which is just amazing, because most of the songs that I liked in the opening version, in full form were pretty lame. It’s really active, lively and energetic. Maybe not all people will like it, because it’s the song that grabs your attention and makes you listen to it, and can’t be played quietly in the background. I’ll note not to include this song to the playlist, when I’m studying, or I’ll end up listening to instead of studying. the moment from 2:50 to 3:15 is my favorite, because it makes me want to smile and do something, like just run forward and not look back. It also gives off the vibe of high hopes, or something like that. I know, that’s a very abstract comparison, but what can I do? ))

As for “First addition”, the second track in the single, it’s slower and calmer, than “Straight jet”, but it’s still pretty lively and fast. As for the aura, it’s a bit darker, than “Straight jet’s”, doesn’t have that hope vibe, and to me, resembles something like a battle. Not giving up, protecting what you love, trying your best to to both of those and stuff….. (this kind of an abstract comparison is pretty interesting, isn’t is?? :))

So, overall I liked this single very much. I just hope, that anime will also have a boost of quality as well ^^


Free download links: MirrorCreator ; LimeTorrents ; NyaaTorrents

I hope, that you enjoy this single, and also I would LOVE to hear your opinion about it!! ^^

Ja ne~

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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