[Fractale] First impression

A lot of colors, blushing and unexpected guests…

I’m a bit late with that, I know.(the 3rd episode is out already, but still, better late, than never!^^”)  Kyokai recommended it, so I got hyped about this. And believe me, I was feeling guilty for not checking it out on my own, because it’s a fairly interesting anime indeed!!! Everything else I want to say will be in the end of this post 😉

So, the episode begins with an ordinary breakfast scene. A boy named Clein is consuming whatever he is, and talking to his beloved parents. Does anything look strange to you??.. I bet :3

He then runs(rides) off to hang out with his friend and having a philosophic discussion with himself on the way, about offering a wish instead of a prayer to the day star being stupid. Chill out, it was just a song! ^^” At the spot, he was going to buy a memory card, I guess, but then the police roamed in and everybody ran away. And I still have no clue, why the hell that happened. But anyway… After the incident he takes his time alone to check out the new memory stick he got(and didn’t pay for, because the police scared off even the sellers. Oh, how convenient O_O) But it turns out to be really old, from the 22nd century.**

As he was about to offer a regular prayer to some temple, he almost gets hit by a girl on a flying machine. She was being chased by someone, and that’s where Clein’s curiosity wakes up. He grabbed his bike and started chasing the merry procession. But all of a sudden, the girl jumps of off her flying..thing, whatever.(And doesn’t forget about giving the lively boy a charming smile :3 )After that, there’s no way he would abandon her! Even though people on that creepy-looking dirigible were still actively searching for the mysterious girl. After finding her, he takes her to his home(or rather, is forced into it by sympathy) but fails at keeping it a secret from his parents xD At least, he was successful at making their doppels disappearing ^^” But putting that aside, he has another problem, because his guest, Phryne, turns out pretty clueless….well, you know)) So, our hero is having an issue with over-blushing and fatefully, we were spared from a nosebleed xD But he fairly accepts her requests and  helps her to  put some medicine on the scratches she has on her back. And note, that she didn’t have her shirt on. Aaaaaaaw, boya wa kawaii~! :3

After this I will go short, because I’m so bad at describing this, that it’s almost painful 😀 So, mainly, what happened is that both of them got pretty close to each-other, regarding the amount of time spent together. But before long, somebody knocks on the door. As it turns out, it’s a little girl and 2 men, the ones, who were chasing after Phryne. This was a pretty funny moment, because before barging in with force, they pursue Clein 3 times, each time trying to fool him by some lame stories.. But our mystery-girl never lets her guard down and we were soon released from the company of that idiot-trio ))All’s good, that ends good! ^^ After the encounter, they are at an old temple ruins, looking on the moon. After the emotional conversation, Clein falls asleep, and when he wakes up, Phyrne is nowhere to be found, only her brooch on his shirt.  Well, it’s okay. They met only a few hours ago, so it’s okay. But why is he feeling so angry?? :3 areeee?…ayashi da neeeee~

But oh, god! When he connects the gem from Phyrne’s brooch to his computer to see if there’s any data on it, everything goes BOOM! And from the smoke, appears yet another girl and happily screams “TADAAA~!” in his face.

What the..??? oO”


End Thoughts

First of all, the opening made me go “Whooooooa….” because it was really beautiful. I’ve seen something slightly similar in the ending sequence of Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei, but the idea, the art and graphics were totally different. And I was won over by Fractale opening, because it’s much more interesting and abstract, not to mention the music. That’s weird, because this type of music isn’t really my style. But nonetheless, I enjoyed this song to the bits, because it sounded like….. universe! That sounds strange and maybe stupid, but I just feel like this song resembles the word “Universe”.

So….. Is it just me, or am I watching most of the shows I didn’t plan to watch this season?? O-O No, srsly……. Be it so or not, I’m glad, that I watched this. First of all, I liked the art. It was really colorful, but soft as well, and that’s a really big plus on my side. And also, the animation was really amazing, to fit the art. I loved, how they matched the animation of lip flaps to the text, it looked so natural!! *,*

The thing with doppels slightly reminded me of Summer wars, btw. They looked waaaaaaay too weird, if you ask me O.O but that I’m ready and able to endure, so it’s not a problem)) The plot seems to be pretty interesting and intriguing, also I liked the composure of the characters. All of them were pleasant and cute(yeah, even the dummy-trio), so I’m reassured And ready to go! ^^

Plot -9/10
Art & animation – 9/10
Character design/composition – 9/10
Music – 9/10

One thought on “[Fractale] First impression

  1. Ruby says:

    Yosh Fractale is really interesting so far, especially when you get to ep 3. Even now I’m still kinda confused as to what’s the relationship between the red hair girl and Phyrne and nothing makes sense yet XD And animation seems like any other Ghibli film~ I’m still kinda disappointed in the .

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