Bakuman [14-16] PODCAST! ^__^

So…. I had this in mind for a long time, and finally, I bring you my first podcast! ^^ I don’t think that I have actual followers, but that’s okay.

If you wonder, why did I publish it in the video format, it’s because I couldn’t upload the file directly to WordPress, so I had to do it the other way, but hopefully, that doesn’t make such a dramatic difference.

music I used in this video:

Bakuman ending 1 theme song – “Bakurock” instrumental ver.

Kaichou wa maid-sama OST – “Douse konna mon?”

Kaichou wa maid-sama OST – “Odayaka na no ga Suki”

Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru ending 1 theme song “Aoi ito” instrumental ver.

Naruto shippuden opening 7 theme song “Toumei datta sekai” short, vocals-off.

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