Tadaimaa~! ^__^

I’ve been gone……again……

I’m really sorry, because I was gone for 5 days… It’s not such a long time in reality, but as I witnessed myself, in the internet world – it’s like FOREVER. I’ve been at my Dad’s place for these 5 days, and he had some problems with the internet connection, so I wasn’t able to access the world web (5 days without internet, anime, youtube, fanfics, my blog, my movie maker and such……… that was nervewrecking! ><) But I’m finally home! ^____^ Now, I’ve got some catching up to do! In these 5 days, so much happened!!! When I checked out Metanorn, there were almost 2-page worth of updates LOL also, new episodes of KnT2, Beelzebub, Bakuman, Infinite Stratos, Gosick, Yumekui Merry…….. + some additional catching up on Level E and a couple of other anime that already came out some time ago….. darn it! And school is beginning tomorrow!!! ><“””” I never hated anything so much in my life =3=”

*Relieving some stress and frustration……………………….*hitting the wall with my head*

I’m watching Bethany’s new video now. (Bethany, aka Macbarbie07, is a beauty-guru on Youtube. I started to follow beauty-gurus 6 months ago, I think, and it turned out really fun and helpful, so if you’re a girl and are interested in stuff like that, check out her channel :)) That’s not related to anime in any way, but this is my personal blog, so I will write about everything and anything that I like and am interested in. 😛 So, in any case, here’s Bethany’s latest video:

I know, that’s TOO PINK, but I’m bearing that))))

Also, I downloaded a lot of OST albums in the last couple of weeks, but never wrote about it…. I was absolutely freaked out when Shiki’s mini-OST album came out. It was really frustrating, because there were a lot of soundtracks I wanted to get my hands on, but they weren’t in the 6 tracks released in the album, so ==” But I’m still grateful, that I got at least SOME tracks I wanted LOL And I was also surprised, that the music was written by Yasuharu Takanashi. I don’t know why, but I didn’t expect him to be the composer of Shiki’s music. Though, when I listened to the soundtracks, the style felt really familiar. Like in “Day and night”, the violin reminded me of Naruto shippuden soundtrack “Shitsui”. In conclusion, I loved this album to the bits!!

Also, I downloaded Bakuman ending single. All the songs were totally adorable! Especially, I liked “Tabibito”. Pretty romantic and girly-girl feeling flowed through me, when I listened to it for the first time. Some moments in the melody are a bit repetitive, but the nice arrangement made up for it. ))) Next, stands “Bakurock” and then, “Fuyu koi”(the sample of which I couldn’t find on youtube, unfortunately) So, this single turned out pretty good. And, OMG, I just loved the covers! ^___^

Then, I marveled at the Kuroshitsuji music atmosphere yet again!! ^^ I just can’t say enough good things about this anime and anything concerned to it. And since I’m such a fan of vintage, Gothic and anything Victorian, for me, this is like a drug in audio format…… I loved almost all of the tracks, especially Alois Trancy’s theme song, “Slightly chipped full moon“, “Fabulous treatment“, “Die enjou death“, “Little lady 2“,”Bloody vow” and I think, I should stop the list now, because I have the feeling, that I will write down 80% of the soundtracks of the album XD Naturally, there were some tracks that I didn’t like, but most of them were truly amazing! And the first thing I liked about these soundtracks, or even about the whole anime, that it’s atmospheric and captures you in it’s unique world. Almost sucks you in. And the feeling of it is amazing!!! ** Tomaranai waaa~

So, this is it about the albums that catched my attention and were worth the credit. Right now, I’m downloading Kimi ni Todoke2 ending single, and can’t wait to listen to it! ^3^ I will also give you some free download links for the albums I mentiones ❤

Shiki mini OST album – LimeTorrents

Bakuman ED single –LimeTorrents ; Filestube ; Megaupload ; Mediafire

Kuroshitsuji II OST – LimeTorrents ; MediaFire ; Zshare

Kimi ni Todoke2 ED single – LimeTorrents ; MirrorCreator

I hope these are helpful to you! ^^ (though I’m not sure if it’s okay to publish this information XD) I really don’t think that I have a lot of readers(any readers, actually), but I’m keeping it up!!! Also, school is beginning tomorrow, so I won’t be able to post updates so frequently, but I will at least publish 1 post in 2 days, so be sure, that I won’t abandon this blog!!! ^^

Ja ne~!

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