Gettilg lazy!! ^^”

After feeling guilty for some time…..

I’m so sorry, that I didn’t publish anything in such a long time!! ^^” I actually promised you in my last post, that I would publish a first impression about Level E, Freezing, and Yumekui Merry. Now, I actually think, that I will write a separate posts about Yumekui merry and maybe Level E, because I’m definitely not in a mood to watch something like Freezing, so))) And also, I was feeling quite apathetic towards some shows in this season, but they tuned out pretty well, like Yumekui Merry. And also, I watched Kore wa zombie desu ka today, and laughed my lungs out XD Yeah, apparently the anime industry finally realized, that mahou-shoujo is done for, so it would be logical to make Mahou-shounen! XDDDD OMG I can’t get over the transformation sequence! And he was actually moaning too LOL

That was too much, but I laughed alright!!! XD And HARD too LOL

Anyways……. I will stop writing for now, because it’s almost 2AM, and I stay up until 3AM lately. It bothers me pretty much, so I will go off now…….

I promise you another review post tomorrow, so if you were actually watching after my blog, then look forward!!! ^___^ Also, I hope, you’ll like the new design! ^_^ It’s Shuzzy-chan and Izaya after all))))

4 thoughts on “Gettilg lazy!! ^^”

  1. Ruby says:

    HAHA I never get tired of that magical zombie guy LOL. it’s just plain hilarious! sometimes I wonder how the heck does everyone keep up with all the winter shows, I haven’t even watched ep 1 for all of them yet T_T so time consuming~

    • Yes, you’re SO right. There are a lot of anime that are worth of at least trying, but I didn’t watch a LOT of new series as well… ^^”

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