First impression – IS, Gosick & Beelzebub

First 3 shows from the Winter season – CHECK!

Hii~! Sorry for not being around for some time, I just got really busy, running around and literally coming home to only eat and sleep…… Well, it’s not THAT bad, but I’ve been quite busy these days, so not much time for anime, but I’m all free today, to catch up to some anime that I’ve been aching to see ^3^

First, comes Infinite Stratos!

I actually watched it last week, but didn’t have a chance to write a post about it.
So…… The fight in the beginning of the episode was really nice. The mechs weren’t designed so well(I think) but were nicely animated. Also, I noticed the color select…. It was my fav. spectrum! ^____^ a lot of purple and other cold colors……. Yippie!! Too bad that we get cut off too soon….. It was such a small amount of action, that I’m ready to cry…… The OP sequence was not all that special, but I’ll still put it up…
So….. We’ve got the apathetic Ichika enroll into an academy where all students are females. He’s actually pretty special and popular, since he’s the only male in the world who can operate IS, in other words, the exoskeleton-like robot – Infinite Stratos.
Then, we have his classic tsundere childhood friend – Houki. I’m not even attempting to talk about this character. Too simple and uninteresting. Bleh……
The third in line comes the girl with a BIG honor-fetish ego – Cecilia. Another character that makes you want to rip apart every representative of this certain stereotype-desu wa. KIMOCHIWARUI! Brrrr!……. So obnoxious!
Besides these three, we also have supporting characters like Chifuyu-nee and Yamada-sensei . So, these are about all the characters we were particularly introduced to in this episode. All of them were pretty standard to me, besides the main character, Ichika. From that point, anime seems to be really poor. But it’s the first episode, so I’m still hoping for the best………
It’s actually really weird, that such a powerful weapons aren’t allowed to be used in battle. Well, from one point – it’s not, because the advantage of the IS user would increase incredibly, and the fact that men are unable to operate it isn’t helping any. But that leaves me with a feeling, that there will be a revolution or something like this. Well….. We’ll just have to wait and see))))

Overall, I think this was a BAD first episode. But I will continue watching this anyway. The plot seems pretty promising and I also really liked the art and animation quality. Not over-the-top, but definitely worth of 20 minutes every week 😉

plot – 7/10
art & animation – 8/10
character design/composition – 5/10
music – 7/10


Next comes – Gosick!

Another anime I was hyped about, and was disappointed in the very first episode. Somehow, I was expecting more from Gosick, but I got something entirely different.
The art is gorgeous, actually. There were a couple of mistakes and such, but overall, I liked it. And OMG….. the tower, where Victorique lives is just amazing! It’s like a place from my dreams~ A tall tower-like library, with a garden on the last floor……… Yume mitai~ (bookworm) Also, the character designs were pretty unique. The art somewhat reminds me of Rozen maiden, just not as dark and more flexible. Well, mister unicorn is out of the discussion  the music is pretty average, if you ask me…. not much standing out besides the art.

The plot……. well……. I don’t have much to say here, actually…… we didn’t really get a glimpse of the actual storyline in this episode, so all we can do is wait for a new one to come out.

Anyways…… I hope, that the classic detective-style storyline will transform into a real mystery, just like it’s supposed to be. Until that, I will remain as apathetic towards this show as I am now. I won’t drop it though… Unless it becomes extremely boring)))

plot – 6/10
art & animation – 8/10
character design/composition – 8/10
music – 6/10


and last, but not least……. Beelzebub!

This turned out the best of the 1st episodes I’ve seen ^^ This anime was actually on the top of my list ever since I’ve read the announcement. It’s just that…… I always freak out, when I see a guy with a baby. Exceptionally, a guy who didn’t seem capable of taking care of a baby, but is doing it. This is so CUTE!!!!!! I was going all “UWAAAAA~” and “Kawaiiiiii~” all the time XD It’s so ridiculous, that I loved it! Baby Beelzebub is so cuuuuuuuuuute~ I can’t stop fangirling over this anime!!!
The whole episode was giving off a FTW vibe))) Starting with the art and an amazingly vivid color pick, continuing with hysterically hilarious music and a nice seiyuu cast. I just LOVE Tatsumi’s seiyuu – Katsyuki Konishi. His voice is so……… adorable! ❤

Overall……. I don’t have to say a lot, besides: ahem. I WANT THE NEXT EPISODE! The plot is ridiculous, but the nice combination of art, music, characters and almost perfectly composed ‘events’ makes it oh-so-wannable for moi!

plot – 6/10
art & animation – 8/10
character design/composition – 9/10
music – 8/10

So….. This is all for now. Out of the three, it’s pretty obvious, which one is my favorite. Beelzebub totally met my expectations! The plot(I’ll say it again)) seemed totally messed up from the very beginning I saw it, but I almost had a gut feeling that it would be good. And the fact that Studio Pierrot is working on it, pretty much reassures me. IS wasn’t that bad, but wasn’t that good either. Pretty average, if you ask me. Though, it’s just the first episode, so I’m counting on an epic comeback!! About Gosick, I’m not actually sure. I think, it’s somewhat of a dark horse, because it can either become a kickass show, or a total opposite of it. Let’s just see……

In the next “First impression” post will be covering Yumekui Merry, Level E and Freezing. I hope, that you enjoyed reading my post! ^____^ it sure was time-consuming but if somebody liked it, it’s okay)))

ja ne~

3 thoughts on “First impression – IS, Gosick & Beelzebub

  1. I love how the first minute of Beelzebub there was the fight going on with some punks and all seemed normal, then out of nowhere it’s like “ZOMG! THERE’S A BABY URINATING ON HIS HEAD!” xD
    I thought IS looked pretty awesome at first too, but the female leads really just killed my hopes for a good series. =w= Houki is just the same recycled personality and Cecillia….o_e

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