[Child of the waves] part 1

~~~~~~ _ Point Of View change

*…* _ thoughts



She was happily strolling down the street. A young girl with long, brown hair and unnaturally bright, green eyes. Her gaze, directed up, in the sky, was filled with warmth and looked innocently gentle. Though she was alone and no smiles were directed her way, she continued walking, without even returning to reality.
A couple of minutes and she reached her destination – a small, Parisian styled cafe.
-Good afternoon!
-Good afternoon, Namika! How’re you doing?
-Thank you, I’m just fine. And how are you?
-Oh, just great! Thank you dear. The usual?
-Yes, one slice of opera and a cup of cappuccino, please.
*Doctor did say, that I have to watch my weight and don’t gain too much, but…… torturing myself wouldn’t be any good either…I think.* I almost started drooling, when the waitress brought the tray. Yes, sweets were my guilty pleasure indeed. Though I never go over the board with the amount of them, I reassure you. No, really!!! >>
-Ittadakimaaaasu~ – the Opera cake was as delicious as always. I ate it slowly, taking maximum of taste from every bite. That’s how I always do. I actually read it in a book I was reading some time ago, and when I tried out this funny sounding ‘technique’, it turned out really well. Eating like this most certainly was pleasurable and that way you wouldn’t have to eat a lot to get full.
But suddenly, something grabbed my attention. The soothing background music got disturbed by the doorbell, and then by what seemed like a quarrel. I looked over to the door and saw two people coming in. It was a middle-aged, tall, white-haired man and a young boy with blond hair and baby blue eyes. They were arguing about something, but I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, because they were standing pretty far from my table, so I just kept watching them. But I soon didn’t have a need to do that, because they walked in my direction and occupied the table next to mine.
-Oh, come on! What is this place? Do they at least make Ramen here?
-Ramen isn’t the only food there is, Naruto. Today we will try out something slightly different. :3
-Girls are girls, no matter how you look at it.
-Fine! Let’s have a quick snack here and let’s get back to training. I just hope, that I won’t get stomachache…… We certainly don’t want to get food poisoning, eh, pervy sage??
-Stop calling me that, you brat!
-Then, what are you doing at the hot springs and bars all the time? I think, it’s call-
-Well, you have to do better than that, because your books are boooooooring~
-A kid like you wouldn’t understand…wait, my books are rated 18+!!!!!!
Their argument was so funny, that I accidentally let out a giggle. They must have heard me, because their gazes suddenly turned in my direction. *Oh no, I’ve been spotted!*
-Oh, hello there! – The man said and gave me a wide smile.- Young lady, would you mind joining us? The atmosphere of this cafe is indeed unique as rumored, but it’s not fun in a company of this brat. (“Hey!”)
-*they don’t really seem like bad people……so…….I think, it would be okay….* Okay, I would be glad.
Namika switched places and sat at their table.
-My name is Jiraya, and this is Naruto.
-Hello. I’m Namika, pleased to meet you! ^^
They stayed at the cafe for some time. Their company turned out to be very pleasant, to Namika’s surprise and delight. Both of them were from the village hidden in the leaves. Naruto was a genin and Jiraya was his sensei. They left the village 1 year and 4 months ago. At first, Naruto looked rather gloomy, but brightened up in some time. And was rather energetic O_O
-Well, I think it’s about time to go. We’ve got some training to do.
-Finally! We skipped almost a week, because of your .. research. It’s about time!
-Well, then I will go as well.
Naruto must have noticed the change in Namika’s tone, and asked her
-Hey, aren’t you coming?…. Nee, Namika-chan! I’ll show you some cool moves, it will be interesting! Or probably….. you got scared of this perverted man? Don’t worry, he’s perverted, but won’t do anything bad!
-No, I just don’t want to get in the way, that’s all.
-Then come on already, lets go! – He said and pulled your hand.
The training grounds sure looked beautiful. Naruto was standing in the middle of a small field and…..doing something, Namika wasn’t really sure, what. But it was of a less importance, because a sketchbook page in her hands was still blank and she, most likely, couldn’t tolerate that. *What to draw, what to draw…… come on, inspiration, hit me! Hit me hard!* -Ah!- she blurted out loud and her pencil started to glide on the piece of paper. She could continue for hours, but Jiraya’s sudden appearance distracted her.
-What’cha doing, Namika-chan?
-Naah….. just scribbling something.
-Would you show me, what you scribbled? – He said, with a small grin.
-Yes, of course.
She gave him the sketchbook and gazed up. Instead of the azure sky, her gaze has been met with thick branches of a sakura tree. light pink petals were fluttering around and the girl noted, that this was the most delightful sight she had ever seen.
-Well, that’s actually pretty good! – Said Jiraya, and looked down at the girl. She was staring up, at the branches of sakura and then turned her gaze to Naruto.

So, this was it, I hope, that you enjoyed! I already published a part of this fanf in here, but then decided to try publishing it from the start. If you are reading this, then please, comment and tell me, whether you liked it, or not ^^

Also, you can view this story here.

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