Baccano! First impression

And I finally get into it!

12:52AM and I’m finished watching the first episode of Baccano! ^__^ I mentioned in my watchlist post,  that I wanted to see this anime ever since I laid my eyes on Drrr. Everyone was praising it a lot, so it has been quite itchy for me, may I say.

Now I’m completely sure that I love it when the plot comes together as a one big puzzle. This makes it a bit hard to keep up, but the percentage of interest also gets a mega boost. Also, I like instrumental music so the opening for Baccano was such a TurnOn for me!

At first I was like ” WTF? oO” What’s with those outfits?”. Yeah, it was REALLY random(maybe not, but for now I’ll settle with ‘random’) but a few more seconds made me love it. Though, the opening was a neverending introduction of characters, (lots and LOTS of them) the arrangement and the hot music made it oh-so enjoyable! *,_,*

The episode started with a conversation between a middle-aged man and a surprisingly smart little girl. A really nice beginning, if you ask me. And the little girl reminded me of myself. I too have these kinds of conversations, where I’m an inexperienced listener, and I have a LOT of them. It’s incredibly interesting and frustrating at the same time. The frustrating point is that you’re just a listener, with nothing new and interesting to offer, are inferior to your interlocutor. But are so captivated by him/her that you can’t help but to listed carefully and absorb everything and anything that you experience. It’s amazing! But I’ll drop this for now. Not the topic of this post, so xD

It was a bit hard for me to keep up, because the episode was jumping back and fourth so much, but this fact made me totally focus all my attention on it. I said it before, but I absolutely love the music used in this anime. It captures the atmosphere of 1930s really well and sounds incredibly hot! :3 Also, the animation quality is remarkable. It looks so deliciously natural! A bit messy, which isn’t on my side, but I liked it overall.

Oh, and I already have a favorite character!!! ^^ Pretty predictable, if you ask me))) It’s Firo! ^^

I just LOVE characters with this type of personality!!! O_O They seem pretty childish and clueless, but in reality, are really mature, cool, smart, and just badass! Oh no, I’m starting to fangirl over him! Even though I’ve watched only the 1st episode…. >> I’m hopeless, I know т.т


Overall, I just LOVED this episode! The atmosphere of 1930s was truly and wonderfully captivating. Atop of the well-adapted art and coloring, which was selected perfectly, there was brilliantly composed music, that deepened the feel of old Chicago and atmosphere of the Mafia world. Now that’s what I call a well-done anime! As bitchy as I am, I have overall zero complaints. Can’t wait to see more! ^___^

Ja ne, my fair reader! ^^

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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