After the New Year’s hangover…….. No, not really xD

The New Year finally passed (there are some traditional holidays coming up but that doesn’t really count), no more general cooking/dressing/present preparations YAAAAAAAY!! and I could spare some time for myself only…… Finally, must I say!

I actually wanted to catch up to some anime yesterday, but it was a certain holiday called Bedoba (ბედობა) when you’re supposed to buy a lot of new things, have fun and meet up with every important person to you, go visit them and such, so I ended up with my 3 best friends yesterday(after 4-hour shopping with my mom……bleh…….) and was playing “Truth or dare” ’till midnight LOL

But today, I finally did it! I finished watching Kuragehime!!! ^____^ I mentioned in my earlier posts, how much I adore this anime and I’m gotta say it again, because I ADORE it so much!!!! But I still don’t get the feeling, that it’s over. What’s with this feeling??? Same goes to Shiki, I couldn’t feel the end of the series. But oh boy, am I gonna miss these 2! T___T And I wanted to see some KuraKimi goodness too!!! TT^TT zurui desu

Now. On to my watch list….. My mom is throwing me off the comp, but I will watch a couple of episodes of Baccano! So look forward to the first impression post ^^

Ja ne~

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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