Happy New Year!!! ^^

2:27 AM and this New Year’s Eve proved itself as one of the most boring ones for me O_O


I completed my first full year in anime society and it’s just so……….. Nostalgic, really!!!! 1 year ago I was fangirling over DRRR and dreaming about the 1st episode and now it’s over…. same for Shiki…. and Kuroshitsuji II…… and a lot of other series…. But 2011 will be even better and I’m sure of it!!! ^^

Whoooa….. The firework explosions are hitting my eardrums hard!!!  I’m kinda frightened…… >> But anyway…… If you’re reading this post, also visit Metanorn’s new year post, because this blog is awesome!!! No, seriously. Visit Metanorn O.O

Anyways…….. Happy new year to everybody, who reads my post and who doesn’t. I wish all of you a lot of love and happiness, just don’t party so much that you’ll end up regretting it 😀

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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