Between cooking, cleaning and preparing for tonight I finally get some time for myself… Hallelujah! Because the last episode of Shiki is out. >> Tonight is the celebration of New Year and all I can think about is anime? Well, what can I say…. I’m addicted! ^^ But I deserve some anime goodness after 2 days of working non-stop! It seems like 70% of everything that lies now in my refrigerator and hangs around my house is managed by yours truly….me! =3= chuuuu

So sad……. I just finished watching. And first of all…. I can’t feel the end. At this rate, I won’t be surprised if Shiki will have a 2nd season, because nothing was settled certainly. Not that I’m against it….. I would be really glad to see more of Shiki goodness……. ^O^

When villagers were shooting Tatsumi I was seriously going “Iada, Tatsumi-san!” and gasping. In Japanese O_O subconsciously, not on purpose. When I analyzed what I did…. darn it O-O am I going crazy?…. But hell, I think I don’t care that much LOL Muroi finally showed his badass side, and I liked it pretty much. He’s still my 2nd favorite character of the series ^^ goodie-two-shoes monk, whom is a Vampire. Yum))) And I liked the fact, that Sotoba got destroyed anyway. I dislike villages, especially with a lot of obnoxious people. yuck….. Obnoxious people who continually hit the neighbor’s daughter with a truck. Even though she’s a Vampire, and a bitch, and the fact of how much I hated her, it was over the top. No, seriously.

I have BIG doubts that Tatsumi and Natsuno died. No, I just can’t believe that. Also, it’s quite messy with Muroi and Sunako, because we didn’t actually see their death. I don’t think that Muroi in that state would allow it. Awww….. Natsuno saved Akira and Kaori, that’s so sweeeeeeet~!!!!! We didn’t see the last of Shiki, Mark my words!!!!! Was this really the last episode? I don’t think so.

If I’ll have more time, I’ll also write a post about the 2nd episode of Starry Sky ^^ YAAAAAAAY Anyways…….. Happy new year, everyone! ^^

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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