My anime watchlist

Some series that I must watch in the near future…..

Whoa…. Now that I look back…. I lost a lot of time indeed!!! oO” There were a lot of series that I wanted to see, some were added to the list as time went by. And now I decided to finally move and do(watch) something LOL Anyways…. Here is the list of my must-see anime(I will mention the ones that are already out):

1. Baccano!

Ever since I watched Durarara (and that was a long time ago) I wanted to marathon this anime, but never had a chance to. Now that I have time, I’m planning to use up all the free time I’ll have during my winter break. Well….. at least a part of it. ^^” Anyways…….. About the anime:

During the late 1930s in Chicago, the transcontinental train, Flying Pussyfoot, is starting its legendary journey that will leave a trail of blood all over the country. At the same time in New York, the ambitious scientist Szilard and his unwilling aide Ennis, are looking for missing bottles of the immortality elixir. In addition, a war between the mafia groups is getting worse. On board the Advena Avis, in 1711, alchemists are about to learn the price of immortality.

Based on the award winning light novels of the same name, this anime adaptation follows several events that initially seem unrelated, both in time and place, but are part of a much bigger story – one of alchemy, survival and immortality. Merging these events together are the kindhearted would-be thieves, Isaac and Miria, connecting various people, all of them with their own hidden ambitions and agendas, and creating lifelong bonds and consequences for everyone involved. (MyAnimeList)

(Sorry, but I was a bit lazy to write about the plot myself xD) The plot seems very interesting. Beside…… I spy a word ‘alchemy’ in there!! O.O Not a surprise, that I was an alchemist in the previous life LOL Also, the ‘mafia’ factor is highly addictive ^3^ I’m not especially familiar with the seiyuu cast…..  I heard Sanae Kobayashi in some series. Kaichou wa maid-sama, Durarara, Elfen Lied, Macross Frontier, also she voiced Allen in D.Gray-man but I watched this anime in English dub teheee ^^” The art is nice, and the animation looks really gorgeous and clean too ^^

2. Clannad

I.Have.To.Watch.This.Anime! O____O I watched the first episode some time ago and it didn’t catch my fancy, so I dropped it. It’s actually, a weird habit of mine. To drop the series if I didn’t like the first episode. But a lot of people were praising this anime and encouraging me to watch it lately. And if I say a lot, then I mean a LOT. I’m a bit frightened to watch this, because it’s freaking depressing! And considering my emotional character this is almost mental suicide, but now I want to see it so baaaaaad *___* The information is here –> Clannad

3. Bokura ga ita

My best friend mentioned this anime once, and since that day I wanted to see this. Also, I’m at the loss of some shoujo/romance/bubbly goodness, so this would be PERFECT! ^^ information here –> MyAnimeList

OMG the image is is so ADORABLE!!!!! >3< This whole show is pure adorable! ^____^

4. Angel Beats!

Well….. I’ve seen the first episode of this anime, but I didn’t like it, so I dropped it. HOWEVER! Too much credit goes to it. Too much praising. Too high ratings. So, I think I have to give it a second try. At least, for an awesome animation. MyAnimeList

I already said, that the animation is awesome, right? Well, I’ll say it again. The animation and the art is a total kickass! *-*

5. Eve no jikan

Well…. not much I can say here)))) I was wandering in one certain forum, as someone praised this ONA, so I became interested in it. Future (seemingly) Japan, as anticipated, experiences problems with humanoid robots, because some people are treating them like real people, not androids. The main character, Rikuo finds out that the strange behavior of his house android, Sammy is because of the certain cafe with a moto – “Humans and androids should be treated the same”. A pretty interesting plot, with a moral. Niiiiiice~ I will write an impression post, after I watch it)))

6. Ristorante paradiso

Being a culture and cuisine freak I am, it’s weird that I haven’t seen this.))) I’m actually REALLY interested to see it. The art isn’t quite my style, (at ALL) but the animation looks really nice and clean. As I can judge from the OP sequence, it’s quite atmospheric as well. So, I’m all for it! ^^



So, I guess this is all of the series I want to watch. Besides these, I still need to finish FMA brotherhood, Code Geass R2, Nodame cantabile Finale, 07-ghost and D.Gray-man. If I’m not forgetting something…. Yeah. ^^

If anyone is reading this you want, you can send me suggestions on which series should I watch, ne? I’ll be happy to listen to any suggestions, besides ecchi LOL ^^

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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