Starry Sky [preview]

Finally…. The moment we’ve all [I was] been waiting for!!

No, not really…. We get just a preview, instead of a full episode. T.T Bastards…

After feeling a little down, I hungrily start to watch. As I anticipated, this anime will probably be like a dating SIM (not ‘like’, it WILL BE). Pretty worn-out plot, but my main reasoning to watch this was the amazing seiyuu cast. All the lead male seiyuu are there!! *___* So I’m more than willing to sacrifice 20 mins a week)))

Soo… Here’s the preview ^^ I don’t even know, should I publish it here or not, but anyway)))))

I don’t think that there are such people in this world…. They’re too perfect O_O (the slight appearance of a complex doesn’t count) It looks a bit snotty, but not to the point of enduring. At least for me. At least in the preview. Too much ‘at least’? Maybe….. But I’m all positive and happy-go-lucky now! ^-^

The motivation of the main character of this arc is adorable ^O^ Someone may count it reckless or stupid, but our character doesn’t seem to care. And in a school full of boys there is a single female student, whom is Henri’s target potential love interest.

The preview ends with a Cheezy phrase “Hajimete ja nai yo!”and a loooooong and deeeeeep eye contact. ^^ So shoujo…

In the end, I think it wasn’t exceptionally good, but I liked it! ^^  The image was interesting, and a color pick quite unusual as well. The animation was also nice and clean… Again, the plot may not be that original, but I’m content ^^ At least, until it gets to the point of bearing and achieves a ‘chore’ badge… 😉

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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