Oh, I’m addicted!!!

I don’t know, what came over me but I suddenly started to look through FMA brotherhood OST album. It’s my #1 favorite anime, after all….. ^__^ some of them are truly amazing. No…. not some, all of them are amazing, but some of them are exceptionally good!!!! like this one:

FMA brotherhood OST – Happiness

FMA brotherhood OST – Lullaby of Resembool

FMA brotherhood OST – Trisha’s lullaby

FMA brotherhood OST – Concerto

Oh, how I LOVE this anime! I seriously love it! Because a lot of things, besides it’s awesomness and amazingness! (don’t mind my stupidity, please ^^”) I just have to finish the 10 episodes that are left….. I’m waiting for winter holidays to marathon FMA brotherhood, as well as Code Geass R2 and 07-Ghost. OOOOOH, just one more week left!!!!!!!

I don’t know, what’s up with me and OSTs lately…. Besides FMA I’ve been listening to Uraboku OST album like crazy!!!! lol It has a lot of good stuff too. Like Eternity, Past and sadness, Kaeranu hibi shiroki ashita and some more… I think I have an eargasm every time I hear these soundtracks! ^____^ hihiii……

I also started watching MM! It’s an ecchi anime, in which the main character tries to cure himself from hardcore masochism.  Ecchi definitely isn’t my cup of tea, but I like this anime! XD It’s so hilarious, I was laughing my lungs out!! XD I highly recommend everybody to watch it.

Well….I do hope that some day I will have an actual visitor! ^^ Until then, I’ll just keep up….writing posts……for a…..dead…..blog………….. TT^TT

Anyways…. I’m still moving on!!! ^_^_^

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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