Child Of The Waves[chapter5;chunk2]

I finally decided to publish this. It’s a Naruto fanfiction I have been dying over for so long, but didn’t publish it LOL I hope that one beautiful day, when someone will finally enter my poor blog and read this post, he/she will like it ^_^

So, here is the text:



The night was endlessly gorgeous.
The sky was crystal clean, with countless stars radiated all over. A fresh and cool breeze was gently brushing against her skin, distant sound of rustling foliage was caressing her ears.
She walked out of the bathroom, with a soaked towel wrapped around her body like a toga. Dried her long hair, put on a plain denim, a warm, oversized T-shirt and a jacket she forgot to give back to Naruto, yet again.
Several minutes later, Namika was strolling down the village street, tugging into the soft cloth of Naruto’s jacket and subconsciously enjoying his scent. Almost as if he was right there, beside her.
The streets still weren’t completely empty. Several shops were still open and late villagers were lurking around, probably on their way home.
‘How can they stay indoors, when it’s such a beautiful night?…’
‘Or am I just overreacting?…since it’s been only several months…’
‘…since I’ve been able to enjoy something these people see every single day?…’
Deep in thought, she walked towards the village park. It wasn’t very big, but was nonetheless enchanting. The kids’ playground looked abandoned and a bit creepy, because the swings were slightly moving. Probably because of the wind.
‘What happened that day?’
‘It’s not like I suddenly materialized as I am now, right?…’
‘I was born as a baby and grew up to be who I am now, right?…’
‘So, something happened that day, right?…’
‘And accident?…or maybe…’
“No way in hell! What am I thinking? flattering myself like that…”
Namika was sitting on the swing and still torturing her mind with the questions she couldn’t answer just yet. The breeze gently touched her pale skin and played with long, goldish-brown locks but she didn’t seem to mind. She enjoyed the sensation.
Looking from afar, you would consider her a ghost or some other supernatural creature. The way moon was illuminating her feminine figure, with pale skin and long hair, made her seem almost angelic…almost as if she was glowing in the dark. And her eyes…Her eyes looked almost as if she was going to cry but was holding back for some reason.


So, that’s it ^^ Actually, I got inspired to write this fanf when I stumbled upon the name “Namika” in the internet. “Child of the waves” sounded really poetic and pretty, and I instantly got an idea of the ‘plot’. It’s a bit funny, but that’s actually how I decided my screen name, Namika. You may think that I created the main character based on myself, but it’s not like that LOL I just like this name very much ^^

And again, thanks for reading!!! ^^

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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