*_*    *In a shock*

I just watched the latest episode of  Shiki. *____* I wanna see next episode, NOOOOOOW! Looks like the okiagari made their final move. Without Yuki, Seishin, Toshio and Akira the villagers are REALLY dead. Oh, I wonder, what will happen next!!! >_> Okay….I will not fantasize, I will not fantasize….I WILL NOT FANTASIZE! ><”

heheh… ^^” okaaaay….. enough of me being crazy… Also, 6th episode of Kuragehime came out! ^^ I’m happyyyyyyyy~! Man, I have to learn to always spell this word like this – KURAGEhime, not KUGAREhime… ==” I even wrote it like this in my last post, right?…. I won’t edit it on purpose))))  to retain the evidence of my embarrassment XD

I’ve been inspiration-struck lately. Writing and writing….total bullcrap that is XD but I’m still doing it….. (remember, kids, inspiration is eeeeevil! It bites!) I may publish one of my works later. I hope, that when somebody will actually visit my blog and read it, he/she will like it))))

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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