Kombauwa-desu ^_^

Hi! ^^

It’s quite a long time since I’ve created this blog and abandoned it ^^” But after some ‘overthinking’ and arguing with myself I decided to try and revive(give live would be more precise XD) it! ^____^ Anyways….. I’ve finally got the message from ‘Fallen Skies Studios’ about the `Secret Santa` project. Unfortunately, I feel a bit nervous, because the only software that is available for me now is MovieMaker and Photo-DVD maker professional O_O HOWEVER! I will still try my best! For my child…. Man, that sounded scary! O.O

Also, I’ve finally caught up to Yumeiro patissiere and Kugarehime today. I don’t know why, but I got a bit apathetic lately. I won’t say that I didn’t have any time because I actually HAD.  I just didn’t have any desire to watch anything. But getting back to these certain series, Yumeiro patissiere is becoming a chore lately. That’s such a pity, I enjoyed it for a year now! But Kugarehime was not just a chore. It came out in September and I swore to myself that I’d watch it. And Kyokai-chan was praising it a lot. (Kyokai is an administrator of the anime-blog Metanorn, which I follow for almost a year.) And I finally did it! And to be completely honest, I’m glad that I’ve overcame my awful habit of dropping any series that didn’t grab my attention in the first or second episode. Because the first episode of Kugarehime didn’t amaze me THAT much. But the ending was worth a million XD When Tsukimi realized that there was a guy in her room! And the ending music fitted the hysteric situation perfectly, creating a deadly-epic scene! XD Gotta love it))))))

Well… already 12:14 AM, so I’d better get going *yawn*

Ja ne!

3 thoughts on “Kombauwa-desu ^_^

  1. Okay, this is going to sound creeperish, but every time I see you around Metanorn I think “damn, that is one EPIC gravatar.”
    So today I decided I would become a lurker. ^.^

    • I know, I instantly fell in love with that avatar, and Tatsumi is my fav. character, after all ^___^
      A lurker on my blog??? O_____O (correct me if I misunderstood something)
      Thank you! ^_____^
      My first lurker……. YAAAAY!!!! ><

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